Our Quality

Marsh Dairy Products understand that the Quality and Consistency of the product is paramount to success. We have stringent supplier selection criteria and our factory is State of the Art in terms of cleanliness and quality monitoring.
Marsh Dairy Products were one of the first Dairy Produce Companies to achieve full HACCP accreditation, maintaining an “A” rating throughout the years. This is an internationally recognised accomplishment, awarded to those companies that have not only high grade premises but also procedures and training practices that reinforce quality.

Our facility has AQIS approval for both production and storage of Dairy Products as well as Organic Certification by NASAA for both production and storage.
Marsh Dairy Products is audited on-site regularly by Dairy Food Safety Victoria as well as  AQIS and NASAA an International Quality Assurance Auditing Company.
All our quality certificates can be found under the Certification / Testimonials section of this website